Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Contest Winner!

I just posted the design for the winning phrase. It took me some time to develop, and I have to thank my wife for helping me think of it. It's actually a deceptively thought provoking phrase, and I'd like to thank Kaymie for submitting it along with everyone who took part in the contest. I hope it was fun for you guys - I enjoyed reading all the entries, and designing the shirt.

A little about the design:

It's clearly a play on the WalMart logo. WalMart has done at least as much as crooked, over-paid politicians to ruin this country. As it turns out - Kaymie's phrase presented the perfect opportunity to take a shot at both.

Again - I hope you guys like it. I may post up some designs from some of the other entries. If there are any you'd really like to see - just let me know and I'll start there.

Thanks again - you guys ROCK!

I'm just sayin'...

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