Thursday, February 2, 2012

The new IJS contest HAS ARRIVED!

Want to be part of MAKING A MOVIE? Well here's your chance. IJS fans who donate just $5 to this campaign will get the chance to submit their own IJS phrase to be used in the film. The winning phrase will appear on a custom tee shirt, worn by David - a main character in the film! He's a college aged physics geek - so keep that in mind when submitting your entries. 

Once filming is complete - the winner will receive the actual shirt, along with a prize pack (details below)!

Here's how it will work - follow the link, make a donation to the campaign, then post your IJS phrase on the film's page wall on facebook here: The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller.

Am I selling out?

No. The IJS page has been up for almost 3 years, and you all know I don't make a habit of trying to sell stuff on here. In fact I have never tried to make any money - and I've turned down significant offers to sell the FB page. 

This film is an awesome project, and it's something VERY important to me - I've produced this story twice as a stage play, and now we have the chance to make it into a movie - and I want you all to be part of that. Frankly - I need your help.

Please - drop $5 into the campaign, and give us your best creative input!


Contest will run from 2/1 - 2/21 
All IJS fans will then have the opportunity to vote on the entries, narrowing them down to 10 
The film's producers will select the winning entries 

The top 3 will receive prize packs outlined below:

Winner: Custom tee-shirt used in the film. Signed copy of the completed DVD & Soundtrack
2 Runners Up: Signed copy of the completed DVD & Soundtrack

For more info or questions email

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